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Fiber Paintings

My fiber paintings are created using  original techniques.

They are painted on cotton cloth, with fiber reactive dyes and dyed silk yarns.




' Burst '
Painted color 2.jpg

'Bouquet in Orange and Lavender'

painted lter.jpg
' Floral Arrangement'
finished 3.jpg
' Purple Chrysanthemums '
finished 2 sm jpeg.jpg

'Roses in Lavender'

(Sold to private collector)

'Pink Echinacea'

'Golden Hostas'

'Hosta Vertical'

'Blue Hostas'

'Falling Hosta Leaves'

'Sunflower Symphony'

' Huntington Beech'

'Autumn Trees'

'Blue and Gold'

'Buddha Garden'

'Sunflower Cascade'

'Season's End'

'Season's End' (detail)

'Calla Lilies'
calla lillies.jpg
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