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closed teal sunflower 2.jpg

The alluring way light falls on foliage, the captivating colors of botanicals, gnarled branches on a tree, all serve as inspiration for my art.


Nature is steady and tenacious;  it's also an emblem of growth and renewal. I consider my figurative work a part of nature.

My works' extreme closeup encourages curiosity. It gives permission to be intrusive and inquisitive. I am getting to the core of the subject, dismissing all of the inconsequential details.

My style of painting has evolved over time. During the time I was studying classical drawing, I was working on a series of botanical paintings on cotton fabric, applying fiber reactive dyes. The technique allowed for a lot of movement and energy, which I then transferred to my oil paintings. I work in a direct method. I am applying the paint opaquely, simultaneously considering color, value and form.



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