closed teal sunflower 2.jpg

My intention as an artist is to be a conduit of beauty. Nature awakens my senses; it is a moment of communion with my environment.


Nature has always been a place where I can find peace.  Nature is firm, steady and tenacious, diverse and forgiving, it's also an emblem of growth and renewal.  In nature I always feel restored. When I’m working I can allow the chaos and banality of daily living to fall aside, and savor the miracle of life and mystery of being here.  The aim of my work is to foster connection and appreciation for our natural world and for each other.  


My recent botanicals are pieces that capture a single moment. I choose to focus on these moments because they are so fleeting, but strung together, they are a life.  


My style of painting evolved over time. The movement and energy of the brush strokes developed while working on my fiber art paintings. After designing a series of botanical paintings on fiber, I returned to oil painting using  'direct' painting, or 'alla prima'.   I apply the paint opaquely often working wet-on-wet, while simultaneously considering color, value, and form.


I work from the Golden Ratio, which serves to guide us in the perfect symmetry of nature, harmony and interdependence of all things. This botanical series’ extreme closeup encourages curiosity.  What is present?  But what is beyond the canvas?  I want my work to give people pause and to savor the moments they have in the world around them.  We are often running, hunting, chasing for the next thing, but the knowledge we need is already available.  We just have to be present for it.