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Figurative Art / Drawings / Paintings

'Cherished'    48" x 24"

painted full 300 dpi.jpg

'Reverie'  12" x 12" 

painted 5.jpg

'Blue boy'

painted 2.jpg

'Who am I to you'  11" x 14"

painted good.jpg

'You better start taking me seriously'  15" x 20"

_You better start taking me seriously' 2.jpg

'Bliss' 21" x 28"

painted 1.jpg
newest Anton 2.jpg
Sandy 2.jpg
'Grandson' Oil on board ( Sold private collection)
Susie's grandson.jpg

   'Bess'  Oil on Canvas, on board   ( Sold Private Collection)


'Emancipated'   20" x 60"

new full 2.jpg

House Rendering, South Hampton, NY (Sold Private Collection)

House Rendering, Hamptons, NY (Sold Private Collection)

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