The photos in this section are to help you imagine and visualize how

my art can work in various spaces, residential and commercial.  

annie Spratt 2.jpg

'Soliloquy In Sepia' 42" x 30" (Sold)                           

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

photo 1.jpg

'Fourish'   40" x 55'                                    

 photo credit: Lauren Rosenblum,  Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank NJ

photo 7.jpg
photo 2.jpg

'Entwined'  35" x 61" 

photo credit: Lauren Rosenblum , Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ

collov-home- 2.jpg

   Photo credit: Collov home design

'Renewal' 46" x 36"                                                                        

sidekix-media-rose  7.jpg

'Spring Rapture'. 34" x 28"

Photo credit: Sidekix-media  (photo edited)


'Poised Iris' 32" x 20"                                           

Photo credit: Collov home design (photo edited)

collov-home-design-blue flower  14.jpg

'Efflorescence'  36" x 22.25"

Photo credit: Collov home design (photo edited)

angela-lo onion room 3.jpg

'Natural Healer' 25.5" x 18"                       

 Photo credit: Angela-lo (photo edited)

doug-greenman-small crop.jpg

'Well Seasoned'  56" x 18"                                                       

 Photo credit: Doug Greenman ( photo edited)


'Arabesque'  38" x 32" 

Photo credit: adam-winger-arab (photo edited)

shche_-team-pepper new.jpg

'Vanessa's Bounty' 31.75" x 28.25"

Photo credit: shche_team (photo edited)

minh-pham- PINK flower.jpg

'Transitioning' 36" x 28"                                                                            

 Photo credit: Minh Pham

yellow flower room .jpg

'Nature's Reverence' 38" x 29"                                                                                                            

Photo credit: Kam Idris

sidekix-media-lpurple flower.jpg

'Embracing the Light' 48" x 35" 

Photo credit: sidekix-media

sarah-gotze-fish in a room .jpg

'Behind Glass'   48" x 36"                                                                                                                     

Photo credit: sarah-gotze