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Culinary Paintings

My paintings are oil paint on gesso, canvas or linen on wooden panels. 

'Rooted'  30" x 22.6"

turnip painted 2.jpg

'Well Seasoned'  56" x 18"

painted 2.jpg

'Well Seasoned' (detail)

painted detail 3.jpg

'Market Heap'  28"x 20"

painted full .jpg

'Circulation' 19.5" square

painted 6 2.jpg

'Harvest Gathering'   24" x 17.5"  

(Sold to private collector)


'Glistening'      approx 48.5" x 28"

painting 3.jpg

'Behind Glass'  48" x 36" 

painted 2.jpg

'Natural Healer'   25.5" x 18"

finished garlic.jpg

'Vanessa's Bounty'  31.75" x 28.25"

painted 4.jpg

'Red Bartlett Huddle'  19" x 14"

' Orange tomato' 

(Sold to private collector)

toma 1.jpg
'Red tomato' 

(Sold to private collector)

toma 2.jpg

'Renaissance Tomato'  18" x 7.5"   

(Sold to private collector)

finished tomato 2.jpg
'Tumbling'  24" x 16"
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